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cherchez la femme.

applications are for people with eyes.


Name: amanda.
Age: eighteen.
Location: athens, illinois.
Gender: femme.
Sexual Preference: males. one named erikface.
Status: taken.


Color: pink, green, and aqua.
Food: thai food. and jimmy johns.
Type of Art: photography and obscure paintings.
Season: spring.
Song: center of the world by bright eyes.
Song Title: oh how i wish i could come up with one right now.
Top 5 Bands: (1) alkaline trio (2) bright eyes (3) park (4) sayanything (5) mewithoutyou
Drink: diet coke.
Place to be: somewhere warm with a beach.
Movie: the rules of attraction.
Tv Show: newlyweds and the oc.
Quote: 'a woman can be over-dressed, never over-elegant' coco chanel.

*This or That

Night or Day: day.
T-shirts or Sweaters: sweaters.
Tattoo or Piercing: tattoo.
Long Walks or Brisk Jogs: long walks.
Ice or No Ice: ice.
Straw or No Straw: no straw.
Vanilla or Chocolate: vanilla.
Lake or Ocean: ocean.
Indoors or Outdoors: outdoors as long as it's warm.


What/who inspires you the most?: erik's mom. no really. but i like supermodels a lot.
What is your ideal career?: nursing.
What would you like to be famous for?: anything. being famous would be fun.
What (material) possession is most valuable to you?: my car.
What are your pet peeves?: bad grammar.
Name two guilty pleasures: the ashlee simpson show and snooping.
What are the best kind of jokes?: ones that make me laugh [what a terrible answer].
How old were you when you received your first kiss?: thirteen was my first real one.
What is the biggest mistake you’ve made that you are willing to tell us about?: wrecking my car.
What/who are you most grateful for?: my family, my friends, my faith, my music. the generals.
What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?: my fake-niece, erik's niece, emily. i heart her.
What is the best dancing music?: midnight fall...jk.

*Let’s have a conversation.

_Me: Okay, I’m going to Tokyo.
You: watch out for dog meat. they also cook small babies. don't eat that.
_Me: Should my mother be a belly dancer?
You: i bet she'd be hottt.
_Me: Hey, I just waved at you.
You: thanks for filling me in.
_Me: What is the circumference of your bladder? Mine is 234982.2937598475824.
You: mine is pretty small. i'm gonna say four inches.
_Me: I am here to enquire about your spoons.
You: they have handles and hold things like soup.
_Me: There is some double penetration on the menu tonight.
You: ...i hope it's the shocker.

Please post at least 3, but no more than 6 pictures of yourself, or at least with you in them.

excuse this for being so large.

1. don't look up my nose. b. don't look at the nasty pimple on my chin.

this is really old and i was being dumb. i had a limited number of pictures to add.
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